Tartar Liquid

Water Additive

This dog and pet tartar removal changes the Ph levels in your pet’s saliva from acidic to alkaline. This reduction of acid cuts down on tartar production and build-up. Tartar can’t grow in an alkaline environment, and so just falls off the teeth when your pet chews on dry food or dog biscuits.

Controlling your pet’s tartar is extremely important. Bad breath may be annoying, but its cause, periodontal disease, can lead to very serious health problems like heart disease and kidney failure.

Suzie’s Tartar Liquid Works!

  • Reduces Plaque Build-up
  • Eliminates Bad Pet Breath
  • Adjusts Ph Level of Pet’s Saliva
  • Simple to Use-Just add water!
  • Helps Fight Peridontal Disease

Don't put your pet at risk for dental care.

There is a safer way ...
SUZIE'S TARTAR LIQUID is scientifically formulated to help control tartar build-up.  With regular use, tartar is loosened, allowing it to be removed easier with hard foods and buscuits helping to create fresher breath and clean white teeth.

Just add to water.  Mix 1 tablespoon per quart of water, fill your pet's dish with the mixture and allow your pet to drink normally.

In only 4 to 6 weeks you will see Suzie's Tartar Liquid removing your pet's tartar.  Use daily to keep teeth clean and breath fresh.

For dogs, cats and other animals with tartar buildup.  No taste or odor.