Naturally Fresh
Clumping Litter

Ultra Odor Control Multi-Cat (Scented)

Quick-Clumping Natural Cat Litter

We know that odor control is a pet parent’s #1 concern when it comes to choosing a litter. That’s why we’ve taken our naturally powerful odor-controlling litter and enhanced it with triple-action enzymes to neutralize fecal, urine and ammonia odors upon contact. We call it Ultra Odor Control, and it’s the natural solution pet parent’s demand and our most powerful litter to date.

More Absorbent, Longer Lasting

  • with 3x Better Absorption* Because Naturally Fresh is so absorbent, one bag of NF is equal to three bags of the leading clay litter.
  • Easy Maintenance Hard clumps make cleanup simple and mess-free without having to scrape the box.
  • Virtually NO Dust Unlike clay litter which often throws off silica dust, Naturally Fresh is virtually dust-free so you and your cat can breathe easier!
  • Low Tracking  Naturally Fresh doesn’t stick to your cat’s paws so it’s not tracked throughout the house.

100% Natural And Eco-Friendly

All-natural and Annually Renewable.

  • 100% natural and biodegradable, Naturally Fresh is made from walnut shells, an annually renewable non-food agricultural product.

NO chemicals, NO toxins, NO worries.

  • Made without any harmful ingredients, Naturally Fresh is safe for you and your cat or kitten.


  • All of the walnut shells used to make Naturally Fresh are homegrown in the USA!