June 19-22, 2020 | Virtual Trade Show-New Date! More Information

Virtual Trade Show

We are thrilled to announce the new dates of our Virtual Trade Show.

June 19, 10am through to June 22, 4pm

This is a virtual version of the traditional trade show.

Here are some of the benefits of a Virtual Trade Show:

  • Safe... there is no need to practice physical distancing.  Attend from your store, office or home.  
  • Time Savings...No need for long line ups to register.*
  • Cost Savings…there are no travel or hotel expenses.
  • Convenience…Virtual trade shows are more convenient because you can attend from anywhere.  Imagine visiting a trade show on your own schedule. Log in and out at your pace. Going to the cottage?  No problem…Take us along and attend from your tablet or smart phone.
  • Interactive…Visit the vendor’s booth you want and watch a video presentation. At the end of the video, the show specials will appear.  Need more information?  Send the representative a message through one click and they will contact you. 
  • Informative… Now you, and all your employee’s can visit and gain valuable information along with tremendous savings.

The dates for our Virtual Pet Trade Show are Friday June 19th from 10am through to Monday, June 22th @ 4pm, 2020. Visit us 24 hours! 

*Log in is required.  If you do not have a user name/password, please click here to register.


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