January is Walk Your Dog Month

Here are a few tips for winter dog walks:

  • Shorter walks on cold days.  Walking your dog regularly is essential, but it's a good idea to limit the length of time when the weather is severe.
  • Bundle up: both you and your dog.
  • Wear Boots: boots are a necessity for dogs and can protect them from winter elements and salt.  
  • Make sure your visable: their is less sunlight in winter so make sure you and your dog are seen.
  • Wear your Tickless:  Ticks are active at temperatures 4ºC or above and start looking for an animal or person to feed on.  Keep you and pets safe year round by using Tickless products.  
  • Have fun!  Walking is good excercise for us and our pets.  It also helps form a bond between you and your dog.  So get outdoors and enjoy nature.  

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