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Earth Day 2021

Earth day is Thursday April 22.  This is an annual event celebrated around the world since 1970. Every day should be earth day, we can all make small changes that will have a big impact.  Here are just a few small things we can all do: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle; this will cut down on landfill waste.  Conserve water; the less water we use, the less runoff will end up in the ocean.  Use energy efficient lights & appliances.  Not only is this good for the earth, but will save you money on your energy bills.  Use non-toxic cleaning products; let’s not send chemicals into our waterways.  Drive less, walk or bike more.  Good for the earth, and good for your health.  Eat more veggies, less meat.  A vegetarian diet uses less water, reduces carbon, and saves emissions.  Plant a tree.  You all know by now how much we love we tree’s.  Trees are vital; they provide food, oxygen, help save energy, clean the air and combat change.

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