Brand: Paw Pad

* NEW! PawPad® Waterproof Protective Cover


PawPad® is a Waterproof, Super Lightweight, Absorbent, Multi-Use, Protective Cover. It contains and controls shedding fur, wet/muddy paws, drool, odour, light bladder leakage and accidents from unexpected poop, vomit, recovery from surgery and wounds and more, ANYWHERE your pets hang out. PawPad® is so versatile. It can be used flat on beds, comforters, carpets and rugs or folded for use on a couch, chair, back seat of the car, to wrap an existing pet bed, as a crate or carry case liner, for travelling, picnics, the beach, camping and more.

PawPad® is washer/dryer safe, making clean-up a breeze. 4 Properties Make PawPad® Unique: Waterproof, Super Lightweight , Absorbent, Machine Washable and Dryer Safe

The 2 outside layers are made of soft, 100% knit polyester and the thin, invisible, waterproof layer is made of thermo-polyurethane.