Arm & Hammer Litter


Clump & Seal™ AbsorbX Lightweight Clumping Litter, Multi-Cat


  • Improved formula to help reduce litter tracking
  • Given the lightweight properties of this litter, consider using a litter mat to further minimize tracking
  • Traps, seals, & controls odors fast with unique Desert Dry Minerals
  • Absorbs in seconds to say goodbye to lingering wetness and urine smell
  • Fast, rock-hard clumps ready to scoop in seconds for a fresher litter box
  • Over 50% lighter than our regular litter
  • 7-day odor control guaranteed with powerful odor eliminators and ARM & HAMMER Baking Soda
  • Great for multi-cat households


What makes ARM & HAMMER™ CLUMP & SEAL™ ABSORBX Lightweight Clumping Litter lightweight?

  • ARM & HAMMER™ CLUMP & SEAL™ ABSORBX Lightweight Clumping Litter is a different kind of lightweight litter made with ultra-absorbent diatomaceous earth, which is lower in density than our regular clumping litter, but works fast to quickly absorb wetness and odors the minute the cat uses the litter box.

What are desert dry minerals?

  • Diatomaceous Earth is a highly absorptive, naturally lightweight mineral found in desert climates.