Brand: Moderna

Moderna Odyssey

Front & Top Door Carrier

Spacious, sturdy and safe… The traveling companion, calling for adventure !
Constant fresh airflow, through the biggest ventilation openings.
Comes with an easy to carry handle
Available in different sizes for every breed
Easy to clean with warm soapy water
Premium quality plastic for long lasting use
Highest innerspace, reducing stress for your pet.
Top opening for easy loading - unloading your pet.
Additional security provided by a multi-point front lock.
Sturdy and hard-wearing, long-lasting durable carrier.
Integrated, soft touch and fold-away handle, makes it more convenient to carry.
Chrome dipped, non-toxic metal doors… not simply painted!
It’s all in the name, the Odyssey is the ideal carrier to take your four-legged companion on a long eventful journey! The large air vents allow for a constant fresh airflow and you have a choice of front or top opening. Once inside, your pet will enjoy a safe and stress-free trip thanks to the higher inner space.

There is added security provided by a multi-point front lock. For your comfort, we have added an integrated soft-touch and foldaway handle, for easy carrying. The Odyssey metal door is not just painted but chrome dipped and non-toxic. Be sure to watch the videos, they explain everything in detail.

All Odysseys are made with premium quality plastic for long-lasting use.

X-Small L 18.9 x W 12.5 x H 13.1 ″

Small    L 20.6 x W 14.1 x H 14.2 ″